Welcome here!
I can’t really think of how you might have stumbled to this blog, but glad that you did!
Who am I?
Well, an engineering student who has a keen interest in writing. About many things.
I LOVE films. A lot. So if you find a lot of Bollywood stuff in here, please don’t complain! I will try my best to keep them minimal.
What will you find here? 
My plan is to touch upon topics like Movies, TV Shows, Politics, Cricket and some news coverage on pressing issues. I may even write on topics that I study here in college. Not the most fun stuff to do, but it’s different and challenging!
What to expect from this blog?
You will find my opinions regarding any of these topics. I tend to keep the language very simple. I don’t want my readers to struggle with the words! Frankly, I’m not comfortable in writing (or for that matter even reading) in the language that’s not usually used. At the same time there will be no use of Hinglish. Just pure English, but easy to understand.
Also this is the kind of blog that even our censor board would pass with a U certificate. Yes, no profanity used. Ever. The reason being it’s easy to write using them than avoiding it. Of course, it’s not like I will not be writing about AIB just for the sake of it. You can comfortably read my blog in front of your parents!
And last but not the least, no smileys. Use it on my WhatsApp a lot anyways 😉
I hope you like my articles. Lots of free time wasted there!



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